Unique Concrete Staining Techniques

You can give a new look and brighten up any concrete wall, floor or counter by using any of the concrete staining practices. Be it a professional or a do-in-yourself kind of a hobbyist, can easily experiment with one of the techniques. A very extraordinary and a pleasing difference of adopting one of the processes of staining is that no two designs would ever look similar. Each gives a different result, be it the design or the color. That is the reason for its gaining popularity. Very soon, before you finish reading this article, you will realize the how and why of it.

By using any of the methods for staining the concrete you fashion a semi-transparent shading that is unlike the effect of painting that gives a rather opaque look. It imparts the surface a natural look. You will find amazing natural designs and colors to demonstrate your creativity. It's just like playing around with stains. Just use a bit of your imagination and you'll be pleasantly surprised at the after-affects.

For a better look on the whole, you should sand blast the concrete prior to application of stain. The process of blasting takes away the murky carbonation and contributes to highlighting the normal patterns of concrete.

concrete staining

You may very simply vary the appearance of a concrete stain by diluting it. Naturally a lighter look will call for more dilution than a darker appearance. You could achieve similar variations of shades by mixing liquid soap with the decided stain.
You can really create some exclusive inimitable designs by following any of the simple procedures noted here.

A very simple trick to get vibrant color differences is to just apply a little powdered plant fertilizer randomly to some parts of the floor after the stain is on. Or you may just toss around a small quantity of corn flakes after the application of stain over the floor is on. You will find the results appealing.

Perhaps you would like to have a tie and dye kind of an effect! It can simply be achieved by placing pieces of cloth dipped in different vibrant or uniform colors on the surface. Likewise you may try using strings to get the desired colorful patterns on concrete.
A very natural and attractive effect may be achieved by plummeting fern fond leaves into the concrete stain by just inserting them into the concrete.

Spraying a second color of stain to certain areas of the floor can create a cool effect. This will help to give the impression of a natural stone.


  1. when you say apply a little powdered plant fertilizer, you mean to acrylic correct?

  2. Hi..
    Concrete staining is very useful and unique technique. By using this we can make our home much stronger and better looking. Thanks for sharing this wonderful post.

  3. Can you please explain how to get the corn flakes off the floor? We put them on when the stain was wet and they are now cemented to the floor. We're afraid to scrape as we don't want to mark up the floor.

  4. I think they're leaves..? Thank you for all the tips. I actually just tried to stain my concrete, but I didn't do it correctly. I didn't sandblast it before. So I'm going to order some sandblast media and try again. Will that work? Or do I have to rip it out and start over again completely?