How Wood And Concrete Stains Can Help Your Flooring

Once you are aware of the many benefits that accompany the application of wood or concrete strains, you will be prompted to apply new color stains to your floor.

1) Regain the shine on the flooring

Any flooring is bound to lose its original shine within a couple of years. The floor gives a very dull and uneven, not so pleasant look. It calls for some effort on your part to make it look beautiful. Application of a layer of stains will rejuvenate the whole place. Your home begins to look almost new as the floor is rid of its dull and boring appearance. This is the most convenient and economical way of brightening your place.

concrete stains

2) Protect the flooring materials

In due course of time, wood and concrete would get damaged thru normal wear and tear. The stains and sealer help to provide the much needed protective covering to the original floor. It’s quite economical and not too strenuous to apply readily available stains and sealers. In a matter of just a few days you can complete the whole project.

3) Save on renovation costs

It may be quite expensive to hire a contractor for doing this job and may cost you a couple of thousands, whereas you can do the project yourself within a couple of hundreds to get a new inviting look for the place. It’ll be fun if some other members of the family extend a helping hand.

4) Save time and hassle

The best thing about the application of stains and sealers is that you are not required to almost vacate the house for getting it done. Involve your children or seek the help of a friend and execute the job on your own. There are no mechanical tools required for its application. A couple of paint brushes and a few clean pieces of rags are all that you require. Here’s an opportunity to get rid of old kitchen towels or other cotton clothing lying around the house. You are going to need these rags for wiping of excess of stains that are most likely to be caused while you are at it.

You may start from any convenient room, do as much as you can do comfortably in a day, taking convenient breaks and continue with the rest of it the next day. See, it offers flexibility of time for execution if you take that as a DIY project.

wood stains

5) Achieve a more consistent look and feel

While redoing the house for whatever reasons, one often faces the dilemma of renovating or redoing the floors, for it is difficult to match the new furnishings and furniture with an old floor. And laying a new floor works out to be quite an expensive and time consuming project. If you decide to go ahead with stains, it saves you from that expense and time as well. These come in two colors: standard or designers’. Standard colors go to give you a classic look but for a modern look on could go for designer colors.

A very convenient feature of stains is their versatility as you may mix them with water, thinner or alcohol. This is very helpful in getting the shade of your choice. You may be amazed at the unique and exclusive color produced on your own thru experimenting with colors and solvents.


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    This is nice post. What a wonderful blog is it? By using this we can easily make our floor beautiful. Thanks for sharing this blog. I really thankful to you.

  2. Nice post. Another solution to help protect a stained and/or sealed floor is to apply a few layers of wax. The wax is easier (and less expensive) to strip if the surface needs follow-up maintenance and wax is available from matte to high gloss finishes.

  3. Wax works well, but can wear quick if it is a high traffic area. I'm personally a fan of epoxy floors with urethane coatings.

  4. Staining the old hardwood floor to make them shine and looks new is a great idea. A lot less expensive than replacing the wood floor. Thanks for the post

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