Using Quikrete For Your Concrete Staining Project

There’s no doubt that the most recognized brand of floor coatings is Quikrete. This could be due the reputation it enjoys or may be because of its catchy name but no other brand comes close to that. Taking these points in consideration it is logical for many people to treat Quikrete Concrete Stain as the most promising garage floor stain that one could possibly get.

Quikrete Concrete Stain To Use

You may find it hard to believe that there is no product specifically called as "Quikrete Concrete Stain". It can be confusing for those who are not aware of that, because if you search for Quikrete Concrete Stain the results you are going to get would probably be Quikrete Semi-Transparent Concrete Stain, or one more staining product, Quikrete Etching Stain. You have to carefully decide as the results obtained from two products are very different. Let’s start with Quikrete Etching Stain before taking up the Semi-Transparent Concrete Stain.

Quikrete Suggest - Garage Floor

Quikrete very clearly and specifically recommends using only etching stain for garages and gives good reasoning for that. For etching concrete the surface of concrete garage floor is sort of melted because of acid used and after that lines are scraped in to get texture. While using this product a stain in the color of your choice is added. The result is that your garage floor acquires a pleasant classic look and offers better traction too.

Etching Is Not So Complicated

It’s quite easy to have concrete edging as a part of home improvement project. Actually it’s so because you need to apply only one coat of Quikrete etching stain. Nevertheless, you do need to apply a sealant and so you can argue it’s not a one coat job really. Yet, the application is much simpler on the whole, compared to epoxy garage floor paint. Moreover, you get some protection as a result of having applied sealant. Now, that’s something that you won’t get using only stain. You can’t overlook the fact that you have to clean the floor of your garage, especially if it develops stains due oil or grease that you would like to get rid of with the help of some stain remover. So, can you say it is a one coat job?

If Epoxy Floor Coating Is Inexpensive, Concrete Staining Is Even Cheaper?

Generally it is so but not in the present case. Excluding cleaner and sealant, Quikrete Etching Stain can cost beyond $300. It could be because of the acids used for etching. Now, that is not a low price for concrete stain which is generally less costly than the most of tiles for garage floor. However, you don’t get a marble look using garage floor tiles. Does that make it worth the extra expense? It all depends upon how you look at it. If the major reason is to guard your concrete, perhaps it’s not, even if the seal in the end provides a little bit of protection. If on the other hand, your main intention is to enhance the looks of your garage, compared to other usual garage floor finishes, then it may be worthwhile to go for it.